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Ferran Amagat
Fecha de nacimiento: 11-05-1985
Web: Ferran Amagat's Portfolio
País: España (Barcelona)
Visitas a este perfil: 990
Un poco sobre mí: · Senior 3D Generalist / VFX Artist for Advertising and Film Industries.
· Character and Environment Modeling / Sculpting for Film and Advertising.
· I love to constantly learn how to improve my 3D/VFX skills.
· Self-critical about my job. Always demanding myself the best possible result.

Software skills:

· Autodesk Softimage|XSI.
· Pixologic Zbrush.
· Adobe Photoshop.
· Adobe After Effects.
· PixelMachine Topogun.
· Autodesk Maya.
· The PixelFarm PFTrack.

Render Engines skills:

· Solid Angle's Arnold Renderer
· Chaos Group Vray.
· Mental Ray.

Tipo de contrato: A negociar
Maya, Softimage (XSI), Adobe After Effects

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Informacion adicional del video: I worked in this teaser as a Senior Modeler (The sets, a lot of props and five monsters) and Visual FX Artist (all the particles, like sugar grains, milk drops and cookies crumbs, and the final vegetation doing my own ICE Trees) in Six Birds Productions.

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